Changing times lead to new experiences

Back already… for being such a quiet person I can’t believe I’ve found so much to say already, but here starts my posts from the here and now.

That being said, I’m beginning to wonder who I am lately. I used to absolutely LOVE going to rock concerts and being front row, absorbed in the music. Save for the few panic attacks I’ve had at shows – my guess is because I’m relatively claustrophobic and it can get really tight in the crowd – I’ve always had a good time at concerts. Yet the last few I’ve been to, I just find, more and more, that I’m not enjoying it like I used to. The Pop Evil show this past weekend was certainly no exception. I guess when you find yourself stuck in a raucous crowd, right in front of the stage, fighting off the lingering feelings of a potential panic attack and counting down the number of songs left until the show is over, it might just be time to call it quits. I really hate to say it, but maybe my concert run is over. As of late I actually find myself being drawn more to the simpler things, taking more pleasure in just sitting on the porch with a cup of tea or standing out in the yard watching the lightning in the distance.

Tonight for example, Daughtry was playing an outdoor show in Vet’s Park (the same park I was wandering last week for the Tall Ships). We had planned on going, but never got around to getting early priced tickets and eventually felt like the general admission cost too much. Either way, after dinner tonight we drove across town to the opposite side of the river and wandered along the riverside. I actually enjoyed that much more than had I been in the crowd actually able to see Daughtry play. You could hear the music really well and there was a nice breeze coming off the water – very nice compared to the incredibly hot temperatures we’ve had. Sadly enough, I was actually more excited to find that one of the tall ships from the previous weekend was actually docked here again and I was able to go a lot closer to it than last week. So I stood next to the ship – The Unicorne – leaned on the rail overlooking the water and watched the sunset as I listened to the music. And I was perfectly happy. There was even some heat lightning in the distance.

And my biggest announcement right now – we bought our tickets to go out on the Appledore IV tomorrow for a stargazer/moonlight cruise. I’m so excited!! As I mentioned in one of my prior posts, not only is that something new and exciting, I can also count it as research for my book. Now, the news said tonight in the weather forecast to look for 3-5 foot waves on the bay tomorrow, so that should be interesting. Bumpy ride or not tomorrow, I’m truly excited. Our newest motto as of late has become – Spend money on experiences, not things – and this will most certainly be an experience.


2 thoughts on “Changing times lead to new experiences

  1. Shannon says:

    I was there too last night! Not at the concert, but walking around the park outside of it with Koda and my mom!

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