Simplicity is Overrated

Yes, I should probably be writing, but what can I say, I have an overly active and creative mind – which leads to being easily distracted. But at least today I’m attempting to do something productive with my time as opposed to whiling away the day watching movies or mindlessly surfing the internet. Not to mention, the day is young… there may yet be some writing in the works.

As for right now, however, my poor, sliced up thumb has healed which means that I’m back to my earliest attempts at leather working. This project as a whole should be interesting. I have never done anything at all with leather. I blame the Renaissance Festival. There are numerous leather shops down there selling incredible goodies. Now, where my creative nature comes in… instead of going, hmm… I’ll save some money and buy something awesome this year (ok, I still might), instead I look at things closely and go… I think I can make that. We shall see. Once again, I’m starting sort of simple. At least as simple as I can allow myself to be – and to be honest, that isn’t very simple at all.

For my first project – EVER – in the realm of leather working, I’m testing the waters by making a little 4 inch wide arm bracer. Why so small? Because that’s the biggest piece I could come up with in the sad little bag of scraps I bought at Michaels. I do love the dark, forest green color though. I guess it will basically be decorative purposes. Good thing I’m not making it expecting to go into battle, because I doubt it would protect my arm very well. More of wrist cuff, really. However, I do plan on kind of using it for my archery because that bow string REALLY EFFING hurts if it hits your arm. Technically, I know that if it’s hitting my arm I’m either standing wrong or holding the bow wrong, but things happen and I’d much rather prefer not to bruise up my arm again. And yes, I have bruised before… probably because I’m stubborn as hell and even if I’m having a bad day with my archery I will keep going for awhile.

Back to my bracer though. Let’s just say that even when I’m not writing, I can’t ignore the opportunity to bring my story into my other creative ventures. Being artsy has allowed me to do a lot more with my story, including a number of symbols as well as the beginnings of a set of runes that I’ve been playing around with.

So, behold… the before picture of what I PLAN on doing.


Now, I say plan because once again… things happen. And this has all the makings of potentially going wrong for me. Let’s just say, I’m a perfectionist and if one little line of my own artwork is out of place, I tend to not be very happy with both myself and my project. I’ve never thrown any of my attempts away, but I will continue to nitpick things years down the road, still able to pinpoint anything that was ‘wrong’ with it.

I don’t know why I make things so difficult for myself, but maybe because I live by the internal artistic motto of “If I’m going to try something, I might as well attempt to make it spectacular.” I’ve never done anything simple… even in art class in high school. It got so that my art teacher would actually give me extra time just because he could see the complexity of what I was attempting to do. Often times things would turn out relatively close to how I had imagined… other times, not so much.

We shall see here. For as tiny as this thing is, this is probably the biggest artistic endeavor – save for my writing – that I’ve taken on in a long while. So I figure it’s about time I set myself up for a challenge again.

That paper above the cut out leather? That’s my intended design. This is what I mean by I can’t stick to simplicity, because sadly for me, that is simplistic. NOT. But I won’t be satisfied if I stick with the one single symbol that I was going to go with and call it done. I need to finish punching my holes for the leather laces, but then I plan on using my wood burner for the actual design. I’ve already played around a bit on a smaller test piece of leather and it looked pretty good. Luckily, I’ve discovered that I can draw on the leather with a white charcoal pencil with no unwanted after effects and wipe it off later – meaning I don’t have to completely freehand this. All the design work is mine except for the runes along the bottom which are from the Elder Futhark runes. And yes, it does actually say something. If anyone actually knows how to read them, go ahead and guess what it says. I’ll reveal the answer when I post with the finished project.

Until then, wish me luck!


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