Reflections – July

So, as a writer and, hopefully, one day author, one of the most useful things I’ve started doing over the past three years is to keep a physical journal where I frequently write entries detailing my thoughts overall of the story and log new ideas for the storyline and whatnot. I’ve collected journals for years because A) I write, so why not and B) because I have an infatuation with pretty things. For awhile I had a number of blank journals piling up. Three years ago, as a kind of test, I started my first journal relating only to Nyte-Fyre (my novel series in progress.) Overall, it has been a fantastic writing tool and a great way to keep track of my thoughts and ideas. Not to mention, it’s entertaining to go back through them on those days when you’re lacking in inspiration just to see how far things have come and, amazingly, how much has changed overall. Kind of eye-opening really. Well, one of the things that I started early on in those journals and stuck with was what I call my end of month recap… where either in the last few days of the month, or the first few days of the following month, I write a quick page or two detailing my thoughts on what I actually accomplished. I thought I might carry that over to my blog and see how it goes.

So, yes, even though it is now August, I will go ahead and post my July recap.

Well, for starters, July is when I actually began this blog, and so far, so good. I’ve had numerous people over the last year or so tell me that I should go ahead and start a blog and I’ve always kind of shrugged off the idea. I didn’t have the time (yeah, right. Seems like I have all the time in the world some days.) I wouldn’t have anything to say. (I have yet thus far to actually write a short post – apparently I’m a novelist after all. The Daily Novel, anyone?) And so forth. All in all, I’ve had fun so far and apparently I’m not lacking on finding things to say. I may be shy in person, but if you can get me on a topic that I find interesting I can talk for ages… or in this case, write. It’s my writing friends that got me started on this, saying that it would be good publicity and whatnot for my book – when it decides it wants to be publishing ready – and maybe it will be when that time comes. Maybe this will be the place that my future Nyte-Fyre fans come to pick the spastic brain of a fantasy author. And along the way, maybe I’ll pick up followers here and there just because I’m amusing – apparently some people don’t mind my novelistic posts. Glad to hear it. What I do know is that I will probably stick with this as it’s a lot more entertaining than I had first imagined it to be.

July seemed to be filled with a number of new experiences and got me outside a lot more than I’m normally used to. What can I say? I write, therefore I am usually sitting at my desk or in bed with my computer or a notebook. Don’t get me wrong. I love the outdoors, but there are times when I get in a writing spree that I tend to forget it’s there. However, with my first times kayaking, the Tall Ships, and my Appledore sailing adventure I feel like I’ve spent the majority of July in and around water and focused on boats and ships. It was certainly a ball and definitely out of my usual element. And, to top it all off, I got a tan! I’m not used to all this color on my arms and legs.

The very end of July is apparently when my creativity began to come back to me. I wrote a spectacular poem – see the post “THE SEA-FARING (MIDNIGHT MOON ON INKY WATERS” – went outside to take silly, but fun pictures in a self-photoshoot of me in a pirate/gypsy outfit, began my search for the perfect Renaissance Festival outfit, finally started one of my digital paintings that’s been floating around in my head since the sailing adventure, and began to really get into leather working. Not only that, but that elusive writing spark has been flickering in the background as well.

Now that it’s August, I can see this as the month that I finally buckle down and try to get some things that I’ve been effectively putting off, done. My writing in particular. Whether it’s jotting down those short stories that I’ve been spinning in my scattered mind, or going back to editing the first book, I really do want to amp up my productivity levels on Nyte-Fyre. I also want to at least get one digital painting done. I always have these amazing and vivid images in my head of exactly how I want them to look – almost always of my book characters – but I usually start sketching out the basis of the picture and then fizzle out the moment it starts going awry. I think I’m just afraid of not being able to do the image justice, but I will never get better and never get anything done if I don’t allow myself the luxury of failing once in awhile. It’s better to try than to give up before you’ve even started. Not only will this be good for me, it will also give those that stumble upon this blog and those already following (I thank all of you) a visual as to what’s going on inside this head of mine. So, here’s to August. 

On a last side note: I did finish my first leather bracer that I mentioned in the last post. Kind of. I got the holes punched and etched a nice simple line around the whole thing and laced it up just to see how it would fit and discovered that I think I actually like the simplicity of it. But now I have my design that I sketched out that’s going to waste. So, what I think I’m going to do is leave the green one simple and I’m now playing with a piece of brown leather that I cut out in the same shape and size and burn my design onto that one. I’ve also decided to go one step further on this new one and do some decorative lacing around the whole thing. I’m excited to see how it turns out. 


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