Uninvited Guests

Hopefully this will be a short little post (if it is, it’ll be my first). Just wanted to throw this up here real quick before dinner.

So, over the last year, I’ve discovered and tried to implement this new idea of living simply and enjoying things more. It’s working to a degree. I love the idea of simplifying, but I look around my room and realize that will probably never happen. I’m too much of an avid book collector, and as a crafty person I can look at just about anything and think I can eventually make something out of it. Not to mention, I love to scour thrift stores quite frequently. All in all, I don’t think creativity and simplicity go hand in hand. At least not on my account.

One of my more recent ‘collections’ however has been bringing a bit of nature indoors by way of houseplants. Now, I’ll admit, I forget to feed my cats and the dog quite often, so the initial idea of a houseplant was quite frightening. I bought my first one (a ‘dragon tree’ – and yes, I bought it because I loved the name) over a year and a half ago, and surprisingly, it’s still alive and actually thriving. Apparently I have a bit of a green thumb after all. Since then I’ve added two more small plants and a Cat Palm (small palm tree) to the mix. I keep them in front of the window at the foot of my bed and it’s a pleasant view to wake up to in the morning.

However, today I went to water the bunch because I haven’t done it in awhile only to find that my newest dragon tree is teeming with nats… knats? (regardless of spelling.) Um.. ew. I’m all for nature, but some of it just needs to stay outside (like the giant black spider I relocated outdoors from my room last week).

I’m not really up to date on how to take care of these things and all that can go wrong in the plant world, but I’ve never heard of a hoard of nats taking up residence in plants. The strange thing is that all four of my plants are all right next to one another and yet they’ve only decided to take up housing in the one. I suppose that may help in the long run of getting rid of the things, but all I know is that I want them gone. I mean they’re by my bed, I sleep there for pete’s sake.

Looking up how to get rid of nats from houseplants online brought up a lot more than I had expected. I guess it’s actually quite a common problem. I guess I’ve been lucky thus far to not have run across any such problems. For starters, I moved the offending plant to the other room and set out a cup of apple cider vinegar where the plant was to catch the adult nats flying around. After that, I suppose I’ll just try some different remedies. As with anything else you look up online, there were over a dozen things to supposedly fix the problem. Coffee grounds was one and what I have started with. Even though I don’t drink coffee – hate the smell of it – my parents had some old coffee grounds sitting in the coffee pot. I took that and spread the whole of it amongst the top soil. I don’t know if it actually works or not, but even just spreading it around, I could tell that the nats didn’t care for it. I hope that’s a good sign.

Another remedy was to replace the top 1/2 of soil with sand and rocks (or aquarium pebbles) because apparently nats don’t like sand. We’re going shopping after dinner, so maybe I’ll check that out. I don’t suppose I can just buy a small bag of sand?

We shall see and I will keep posted my progress of getting rid of these buggers. I’d much rather get rid of the bugs than my plants. I’ve grown quite fond of my greenery brightening up my room.


One thought on “Uninvited Guests

  1. Shannon says:

    That’s a little different than my problem. A skunk and a family of toads have taken to living in my hatch. The one toad actually thinks he can get into my room and presses his webbed hands up against the glass and everything. Kind of freaky. But yeah, the skunk was the worst of it. Even after my dad got it out, the smell lingered for two weeks. Yuck!

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