A Change of Scenery

I think I may have finally made an effective effort in cracking through my writer’s block that’s been plaguing me for what feels like ages!

And apparently all I needed was a change of scenery. No, not a huge change of scenery or anything. In fact, I just went out into the yard and chilled in our little 20 ft motor home. I had the idea to go out there so that I could escape from the internet. I’m just like anyone else. I love the internet. But sometimes it just needs to be ignored. I actually own two laptops – one is the very first one I got way back in 2005 when I started really writing. I love that one to death even though it’s kind of slow. But that has Windows XP which is the last operating system before the changed the WORD program that I use to write. Anyone who really knows me should know by now that I LOATHE the newest versions in every meaning of the word. The only thing I like is the ability to add comments which is excellent for when people are reviewing my work. Other than that, I miss the simplicity of the XP version. I don’t want this crazy formatting that insists it’s right, and I swear, if I allowed the autocorrect to actually correct everything it deemed wrong in my documents I would be left with something completely unreadable. Not to mention, since when did the Calibri font become the default font? It has ALWAYS been Times New Roman! 

Anyway, rant about WORD aside, the best thing about that computer is that there is no internet. Which means that unless I want to play pinball for hours on end – ok, I would have no problem doing that – I get to write.  However, after NaNoWriMo last year I got back into the habit of writing on this computer again and haven’t touched the other one in quite awhile. What I need to do is start writing on the other one again so I’m not quite as distracted. It’s just too easy to tell myself I’m ‘researching’ on the internet only to lose 2 hours of my life doing absolutely nothing. Pretty much, I’ve discovered that the internet has no place in writing.

So, I think the sitting out in the internetless motor home was good for me today. I’ll admit that even with only twenty feet I roamed around for about an hour before actually sitting down to write. And that was after letting my cat in – Captain Jack Sparrow, Jack for short – and he settled down and took a nap on the opposite side of the booth I was sitting in. After that though, I wrote a long entry in my Nyte-Fyre journal and then proceeded to handwrite a five page piece of story that will probably end up being a chapter in the second book. I guess sometimes you just have to write things completely out of order. Though, technically I am on the first draft of the second book. I’ve just been trying to do my polished edit of the first novel in my series in order to get it ready for publishing.

Overall, I think it was a pretty successful change of pace. I got out in the motor home quite late today but I think I will get out there earlier tomorrow and go through my notes and write out an outline of the next section of my book I’m set to edit. Make a list of all the major points and all the changes I plan on making to make it better like I did with the last section. I look back at everything I’ve rewritten and I can’t believe just how much I’ve changed, but it has strengthened the storyline and I think I definitely have a much more mature writing style now that reads a lot better and the characters aren’t as juvenile as they once came across as. All in all, it’s been for the best. It’s just hard as the author to go back and basically ‘destroy’ and recreate everything that you once thought was perfect and needed no work. But I’ve long since fallen out of the elation I felt when I put that last period on the first draft and have been able to see the work it needed to make it all that much better.

So, tomorrow is another day to get back to work. As for tonight I think I will finish watching an anime series I’m rewatching again. I didn’t mean to start watching it again, but things happen and luckily there’s only a few more episodes so I will just finish that tonight and get that done with. And who knows… the one character – Fakir – reminds me a lot of one of my own characters, not to mention he looks almost exactly how I imagine my character, Frieden, would look if he were drawn in anime style. Same hair and same eye color. It’s kind of strange, really. I was going to say, maybe that will give me some inspiration and a new spark for my writing, but I think it already has as Frieden was the basis of what I wrote the five page piece about. By the way, if anyone actually cares to know, it’s “Princess Tutu” I’m watching. Yes, it’s a little cheesy here and there, but what anime isn’t? Not that I’m big on anime. I actually used to hate it, but I’ve found myself more and more drawn to particular series given the storyline and the quality of the artwork. But yes, I shall finish that tonight and go back to writing tomorrow.


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