A Touch of the Supernatural

Ok, so I won’t even beat around the bush on this one.

I’m kind of scared to go to bed tonight. I went to bed early for once yesterday and I ended up waking up in the middle of the night… well kind of pulled out of that place where you’re half awake and still half dreaming. But I swear it felt like there was a hand crawling up my back. It was the creepiest sensation and it honestly scared the shit out of me. And there’s not much that does that.

My mom told me it was probably the cat but I know it wasn’t. I’m also aware that it might have been my mind playing tricks on me in that state of dulled awareness, but physical feeling isn’t something that you (at least I don’t) get when you’re sleeping. So what the heck was that? A possible visit from our ghost?

Yes, I do believe in that. I’m a logical thinker but I’m also a fantasy author and I won’t deny the possibility. Not to mention, we’re pretty certain that this house is haunted. We’ve seen things, things have happened, and we even have pictures where orbs have made an appearance. Thankfully, orbs are good spirits. Yet, alas, if that’s what it was last night, I don’t appreciate the visit.

Either that or I have a super sensitivity to changes in atmosphere or something because I seem to have an uncanny ability to wake up out of a dead sleep in the middle of the night as storms are coming in. And no, not due to thunder and downpours of rain. This is usually about ten to twenty minutes before the storm actually rolls through when the only real disturbance in the night is the flash of lightning in the far distance. I don’t know… it’s all a little strange and kind of freaky if I let myself dwell on it. Which I really shouldn’t due to my over active mind.

It doesn’t help much that I can be quite paranoid at times. I find this particular fact about myself amusing actually because I have yet to find a ‘scary’ movie that’s actually scared me. I barely even flinch most of the time during the intense parts. Yet, leave me home alone and every little noise is a potential burglar or something. I really don’t know how I’m ever going to live alone.

Oh well, that’s a thought for a totally different day. I’m a natural night owl and I don’t usually go to bed until two in the morning, so I shall spend the next few hours seeing if I can’t finish up my outline for my upcoming book edits. Managing to give myself a giant blister on my finger and slice up my thumb again working on my leather projects again I figured I’ve done enough damage to myself tonight. I should be relatively safe on the computer. We shall see.

Anyways, here’s to hoping for an uneventful night and an uninterrupted sleep.


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