Eighteen Again (A Bit of Character Introduction)

So, this may be a little late in the day, but as long as it’s still September 17th, it’s still valid.

Since this is “supposed” to be my ‘writing’ blog, I feel that maybe I should post things once in a blue moon (or should I say harvest moon since that’s in two days?) that actually have to do with my novel and my writing of.

I will admit, this is a little light on the actual ‘writing’ aspect of things, but, alas, it is still book related…

Just wanted to declare that today is the birthday of one of the main characters of my Nyte-Fyre Prophecy series – Kiyani Ridanthu.

Now, hopefully next year when this date rolls around again, my book will be fully edited and published and there will be people out there – besides me and a few close friends – who know the characters that I speak of.

However, as an artist in progress, I put together a little collage of pictures and digital drawings I’ve done of Kiyani over the years. This was kind of fun to piece together because as I was searching for my various drawings it came to my knowledge that although it doesn’t always feel like it, my artistic skills have become slightly better over the years. Not only does that boost my ego a little bit, it also gives me a renewed drive to continue with my drawings and get better. One of these days I would love to be able to accurately flesh out ALL of my characters in flattering light. As it stands, Kiyani, for some reason unknown to me, remains the one character that I draw the most and have the least trouble with.


~ Kiyani Ridanthu:

… He’s moody and has a tendency to be a bit of an ass. His past and his childhood has been shit and (yes, I know he’s a fictional character) I honestly feel a bit bad for what I’ve put him through. He’s one of the most conflicted characters I’ve met – at least in my story – and in turn one of my favorites.

So, happy birthday to Kiyani!

(Not that he’s technically getting any older.) I feel like fictional characters only get older as the story itself progresses and seeing as I’m working on the rewrite/edit of this first book and it’s not yet published, he remains the same 18 years of age he’s been since he first popped into my mind. He’s evolved tremendously, that’s for sure, just not in age. Not yet.


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