Quite the Character

So, the Renaissance Festival (round two) is upon me again. Tomorrow is the day that I return to the 16th century.. at least I think that’s the age that supposed to be portrayed down there. Either way, I’m beyond excited. I’m going with a small group of friends and the weather is supposed to be perfect! None of that 58 degrees and rain that we encountered last year, and no 90 degree sweltering heat that we had last month. 68 degrees and partly sunny. Couldn’t ask for better.

Now,  I was all set to dress as a pirate, had my outfit all chosen and pieced together, and then creativity struck again. AKA I raided the assortment of dresses and whatnot in my closet for fun and found something I liked better.

A Faerie.

Yes, I said Faerie. But no, I don’t mean the super cute and sparkly kind. I put my own twist on things and I ended up with this.


Bad Faerie? Warrior Faerie?

I’m going with warrior myself. And one of the coolest things about this outfit, and the reason that I have this post under the category of my writing is that this actually looks quite a bit like one of my characters – Saiva – who is, indeed, a Fae.


Unrelated to the actual character of Saiva, I decided that if I’m going to go to the festival dressed as a faerie, even a warrior fae, I might as well do some crazy make up. Where else can you cover your face in blue eye shadow and be considered normal? I think it has a nice warrior feel as well.

And the reason I’m going as a warrior Fae? Simply because, one it looks cool, and moreover, I bought that spiffy sword the last time I was down there and I’m bound and determined to carry it on my person – even if they’re going to have to peace tie it.

There will be pictures of the full outfit with make up in an upcoming post.

Back to my characters though, I made mention a few posts back that one of my potential upcoming projects was to continue on my crafting journey and leather working and make a shirt of mail and some leather scale armor and dress as the villain of my novel. The thing is that I’ve never really thought of Zariah as ever dressing that way, but it was this cool image in my head, regardless. In truth, he’s a ShadowSaeg – saeg, meaning magic user in the world my book is set. So, rarely does he use actual weapons as he’s a very powerful magic user. I don’t even know that he owns a sword to be honest.

Either way, I would still love to go in great detail – even though I’m a woman – and do a full photoshoot playing Zariah. It will be a major process, that’s for sure. As I mentioned, I want to do the armor, but even if I don’t go in that particular direction, I will still most likely have to make at least the top half of the clothing that he wears. Along with that I want to create the staff he carries and I need to get a much better black wig.

Regardless, I threw caution to the wind yesterday and played around with the make up and the crappy black wig I do own – just to see how plausible this really is. And, let’s just say that I scare myself.

I present to you, the Shadowlord: Zariah Enderline.


I obviously went into Photoshop and played a bit, but overall, I’m quite impressed with how this turned out. Probably the biggest change I had to implement digitally was changing my eye color from brown to the grey-blue that Zariah’s is, but it really does make all the difference.


And there he is with his customary green fire that he is well known for.

Overall, I’m even more excited by this project now. If I work on it steadily, I might be able to go to the Ren Fest next year dressed as my villain and that excites me.

Lastly, just for the heck of it because one of my friends declared that my warrior faerie pictured looked like my main character, Kiyani, if he had wings and was a chick, I couldn’t resist. So, here is my take on Kiyani, which is actually pretty darn close, if he went wild and put some blue in his hair.



All of that aside, the good news is that I finally finished my quick run through of the next section I pulled for edit for my novel and I am rearing to get back to work on it. I’ve made a bunch of notes to myself and have written some new little sections and have a lot of changes that I plan on implementing to make the story all that much better.



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