Michigan Renaissance Festival (Round Two)… and a Writing Update

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the Renaissance Festival? I have? Oh, well, I shall announce it again.


… Just thought I would make that clear for anyone who wasn’t yet aware of that rather blatant fact.

But, seriously, if they would let me live down there, I would probably take up the offer.

I honestly think that they should consider the idea of building a second level above the main tavern in the center of the grounds and put a few rooms up there you could rent out to stay the weekend or something. It would certainly add to the overall feel of things.

Anyways, this is the first time that I’ve gotten to go more than once in any given festival season, and is it just me, or does this place just get funner every time you go? You would think that I might have gotten tired of it by now, but I just don’t think that’s even possible. There’s so much going on that even for the 6 or 7 times that I’ve been down there I’ve still barely scratched the surface of seeing everything. Anywhere from 7-9 hours down there and I always come back home wondering just what it is that I’ve spent all that time doing. You could seriously walk around the festival all day and not go into a single shop or stop for one show and still not have been bored.

And bored, I certainly was not.

By the way, here’s the full costume I went with:


I. Just. Love. This. Outfit.

Now, I don’t particularly know just how dark and creepy warrior Faeries fit in at the Renaissance but there are plenty of faeries running around.. none even close to this though. The greatest perk of being able to piece together excellent outfits like this from things you collect from thrift stores and elsewhere is that the chance of anyone wearing the same thing is slim to none.

And let me tell you, I am an incredibly shy person and have had some growing anxiety problems, but I won’t even deny that I didn’t like the attention this outfit got me. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had so much attention focused on me in my life. All day I was getting comments left and right. Maybe it’s just the fact that I felt so different in this outfit, like a whole new persona had come with the costume, or maybe it’s just the fact that I love it down there so much anyway, but I wasn’t bothered in the least. (Now, hopefully sitting behind a booth and signing books next year if I can get editing done in a timely manner won’t bother me.) I actually lost count of how many people either commented on my hair, or my outfit as a whole. One person asked if I had done the make up myself – I did. A little boy came up to me asking if he could see my sword. Unfortunately it was peace tied. He then apologized for bothering me. It was cute. A man at the pirate auction was trying to buy me for two schillings. I told him I was not for sale and that he was indeed lucky that my sword was peace tied. I think the greatest moment of the whole day though was when I watched one of my favorite stage shows there – The Rogue Blades – and then was talking to one of the actors afterwards who I also know as a friend and author after buying his book based on the show last year. I didn’t know that my costume had been done up so elaborately – and yes, it helps that I wasn’t wearing my glasses which is generally a dead giveaway – but he didn’t recognize me at first. And let me tell you, it is very entertaining to talk to someone you know when they don’t realize that they know you. I finally asked “You don’t recognize me, do you?” and the look on his face when he finally realized was priceless.

Now, I’ll say that for all the times that I’ve been to Ren Fest, I have yet to wear the same outfit – usually I have a problem of having too many to choose from – but I might make this a yearly costume, granted that I continue to go more than once.


By the way… Look! I found Gandalf the Grey this time.

And what is this… yes, I did indeed buy a death certificate. I couldn’t help myself, it was only $2 and so dang amusing. I don’t know why I didn’t think to get a picture with the man selling them though.


Technically, I think I might have died twice. I lost the first one when I was getting something to eat and luckily the guy wasn’t too far from the stand where I had bought food. I’m just happy he was nice enough to give me another one for free, though I would have gladly ‘bought’ it again.

As always, it all ended much too soon. In fact, the festival closes at 7 and they sound a cannon as a nice ‘friendly’ reminder that hey the festival is done, please leave. I’ve never stayed so long, but in the process of looking for my death certificate and getting a new one, I inadvertently discovered that they don’t really shuffle everyone out. All the stores close and it gets rather quiet, but I found that all the more entertaining.

Probably the main reason for that is well… one, I like the quiet solitude… but really, the festival mentioned in the beginning of my book is highly based on this ren fest and I have it in my book that when the festival closes all the actors and people working there gather after hours and just hang out and it reminded me of that.

If there is ever a movie based on my book, I would love to film here. (Granted I need to edit and get the book PUBLISHED first.. but, I can dream, right?)

As usual, once I got home, I had no ambition… well, really no desire because I loved it so much… to take my costume off, so I played around a bit more.


I kind of look like a creepy witch doctor or something in that second photo.

All in all, I have way too much fun with this.

I’m honestly contemplating volunteering next year when they have people come down to clean up and paint next spring before the festival season if not signing up to maybe work down there. That is if I don’t have my book published by then and am attempting to sell it there. That in itself would be fun and I believe that if you can’t sell a fantasy novel in a place like that, then you probably should rethink some things. Either that or I really do want to buy a season pass and go pretty much everyday. Not even to buy stuff… that’s just a bonus if you actually have money. No, one of these days I would like to make it a point to see every show and actually visit every shop. Hell, I might just take a journal and sit in a corner all dressed up and listen to the musicians as I write, just to enjoy the atmosphere down there.

Either way, I’ve still got one set of tickets left and I’m pretty sure I’m heading down to Holly one last time for their last festival weekend.

Just saying that leaves me feeling depressed already. I love this time of year, but it’s much too short lived. The good thing is that I have NaNoWriMo to look forward to in about a month’s time and then hello surge of editing.

Speaking of writing and editing, after a long summer void of any real inspiration for continuing my novel adventure I think I may be back on the right track. This has all given me a renewed sense of vigor and the other night I wrote a three page passage that will be a good chunk of one of my newly rewritten chapters in my next section up for edit.

Right now – though I don’t know if it’s going to happen – I’m hoping to get a good chunk of this section edited before I jump from book one to book four for NaNoWriMo.

I guess we will just see what happens.



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