Let the Races Begin!

Wow, long time no talk… type… post?

Unfortunately I spent a good majority of one of my favorite months down in the dumps. The good news is that I’ve gotten all that taken care of and am firmly back on the road to productivity… ok, well, I’m still on the rough gravel road, but it’s getting there.

First off, October 17th is a rather specific date in the realm of my novel and I had fully intended to write out a nice long post about that along with posting a pretty digital painting, but as we can see that didn’t happen. I did, however, actually start that painting – on the 17th – so that’s a good thing. I haven’t gotten terribly far with it. I think I spent the better half of a good three or four days getting the base sketch done and trying to get a snake tail to look like it was laying right. Let’s just say that proportioning has never been much of a friend to me. I did finally get that to my liking and at least started in on the coloring. I was afraid that a forest fully of dead tree silhouettes was going to be a complete pain in the rump but found that that’s not so much the case. In fact it’s kind of fun. Still a lot of work to be done on it, but here’s the work in progress picture for now:


I may or may not continue to work on it throughout November. It all depends on how wrapped up in NaNoWriMo I get and if my daily word counts are on track. Overall, if I can finish it before next year I would be happy. I really need to figure out how to cut down my time spent on these things. So many pictures in my head… but I seem to lose ambition to actually complete them once I start putting them to paper or the digital screen.

Another thing that has suffered a bit this year is my Halloween spirit… though I kind of blame this state for that. I swear, Michigan is the place where Halloween goes to die. First off, Christmas stuff started creeping into the stores on the coat tails of the Halloween decor quite literally a week after the black and orange started to make an appearance. If people wonder why it is that I loathe Christmas so much, let’s just say that if it would stay in it’s own month, I wouldn’t mind so much, but when it starts to encroach on my Halloween fun and overshadow my favorite holiday, that’s just sowing the seeds of dislike. And then there’s the stores full of people… ugh, don’t even get me started. For a person with high levels of anxiety, I pretty much avoid stores at all costs from November-January.

Back to Halloween though, despite how sad it was this year – we hardly even decorated the house, it rained all day yesterday, and living out in the country, we don’t even get trick or treaters – I still managed to have fun. All I really did yesterday was get dressed in a random outfit and wander around the house, more specifically ending up taking another photoshoot in the dining room, and that started out because I finally got the white wig I ordered and wanted to try it out.

Here’s some of my favorites:





So, another Renaissance Festival in the past… another Halloween gone. I think the good think about having discovered NaNoWriMo is that it gives me one last thing to look forward to and keeps me occupied for just a bit longer as winter begins to set in.

Despite my lack of interest in pretty much everything lately, I managed to push myself right out of the gate last night and started writing as soon as the clock hit midnight. Went to bed with a good 2,338 words last night and I’m hoping to add some more in a minute here. I’ll admit, I think that’s some of my crappiest writing ever, but then again, beginnings have never been my forte. What really matters is that I have a solid start to keep adding to. And isn’t that the point of NaNoWriMo anyways? Just write. Put the editor away and let the words pour onto the page.

Overall, Happy Halloween,


and Happy NaNoWriMo!

I shall be holed up for the next month writing like the wind!

Well, at least until Thor: The Dark World comes out in theatres… I’ll take a break for that 😉


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