The Final Wordcount

I’ve been meaning to update this but between the writing frenzy of NaNoWriMo… oddly coupled with the laziness of impending winter… I just haven’t gotten to it. I sat down once to write something for here, but the words just wouldn’t come to me. Sad really, because that was in response to a writing prompt that I came across concerning evil, which is actually something that I’ve been meaning to address. I shall get to that soon, regardless, it won’t be today.

First off, I want to say that I successfully completed my second year of NaNoWriMo!

I will admit that I didn’t experience that total rush that I did last year where I just couldn’t quit writing. Only once did I stay up till four in the morning writing a scene that’s been in my head for ages. And there were plenty of times that I just really wasn’t feeling writing at all. However, I still sat my butt down at the computer and wrote. Was it the best writing ever? No. I haven’t gone back to read much of it yet, so I’m not sure how it all sums up in the end – I know I felt in the beginning especially, that I had a lot of run on sentences and felt I was going in circles – but what I have revisited to read isn’t nearly as bad as I had thought. I think that’s just my mind messing with me as it always does. No matter what I do it’s just not good enough. If only I could get rid of that self-denial. Unfortunately, my deathly perfectionism is what makes my work good (when I do actually take a moment to appreciate it.)

That all said and done, I actually finished the initial challenge of writing 50,000 words on the 15th of November. So, I was way ahead of the game early on in the month. Yet, as per usual, I still found that I was beating myself up because I wasn’t writing as frantically as I was last year and didn’t make it to the 100,000 words that I finished with last year.

Now, sadly, for as much as I wrote, I hardly even began to scratch the surface on the meat of the novel and everything that was meant to be in the forth book that I had planned out in the outline I had drawn up. However, I still had fun writing. It was great to get back to that state of just writing to write, rather than examining every last word and period to make sure that everything was reading smoothly and all the grammar was right as I’ve been doing with the strict edit of the first book as I prepare it for publishing. Now, yes, I do still need to get back to that, and soon. I’ve been withdrawn from that book for long enough now and I now have another coupon in the works for five free printed copies of my novel from CreateSpace for completing NaNoWriMo. I was sad that I didn’t get to use the one last year. So that is my ultimate goal to get things on track and done in time to use the new one. I plan on using that handful of copies as an initial run of editorial copies before the full fledged print.

That being said, I had a good friend over this last weekend and we spent most of our time talking about our novels and revealing a few secrets here and there, and it got me to thinking about just how much story I have yet to write. Seeing as I’m still on a bit of a writing high that’s lingering from NaNoWriMo, I’m thinking that I may take the remainder of this year (it’s only a month, anyways) and return to the second novel in the series. Not only return to writing, but issue myself a bit of a NaNo challenge for my benefit… let’s see if I can take the remainder of this year and add another 50,000 words to that novel. This should be fun, and I mean that in a completely non-sarcastic way. I’ve been wanting to return to the second novel – Isle of Hell – for sometime now, but I’ve had it ingrained deep in my conscious that I should focus on the first and get it out there into the world before returning to subsequent novels. However, I discovered early on that the strictness of editing really can weigh you down and quite literally make you hate what you had loved so much in the beginning.

Who knows, I may or may not actually do that, but I would love to return to that novel. I might actually bounce back and forth between the first and second if I can accomplish it – as well as finishing up two digital works that I’ve gotten myself into. I’ve really got to start finishing things. And anyways, why not give myself a bit of a break? It’s been a bit of a hard year for me, but looking back on everything, I wasn’t nearly as unproductive as I seem to think I was. Besides, what better time to return to the first book and all that editing ‘fun’ then the fresh beginnings of the new year? Still so many things to address in that novel – and not even just the writing, but all the other things that go along with publishing. Regardless, 2014 will be the year of publishing. I know I said that last year as 2013 was approaching, but I feel the winds of change coming on and I will make it a goal to get things done for once. … okay, so that might just be the icy winter winds, but let’s go with the first thought, shall we?

Now, with that all said and done… the final statistics for this run of NaNoWriMo are as follows:

~ Finished initial challenge on November 15th with 50,061 words.

~ Called it a few days early and Validated the word count on the 27th.

~ 80,460 words in total

~ 153 pages of single spaced writing


And look, a pretty certificate to go along with it all!

Now, back to writing… because… well, as a writer, that’s what I do, isn’t it?


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