Trailing Shadows – a Poem

I just posted the other day, so it feels good to have something to write again already, and something that’s related to what this blog is actually supposed to be focused on – writing.

All of a sudden I seem to have found a creative spurt, which is amazing because I haven’t felt this peppy in a long time. Regardless of the fact that I tried to go to bed early last night and only ended up thinking about every possible creative thing I’ve ever wanted to do, I’m not in the least bit tired. In fact, here’s a poem that I wrote last night.

In a way, I think it’s about the depression I’ve been dealing with lately.


Trailing Shadows

Shadows, shadows, in the sky

I show you, I show you, how hard I try

But still, but still, you make me cry

Shadows, shadows, on the wall

You follow, follow me, down the hall

Hoping, hoping, that I fall

Watching, watching, watching me crawl

Shadows, shadows, on the floor

You close, you close, that open door

The tears, the tears, down they pour

Shadows, shadows, in my mind

You are, you are, so unkind 

And I’m afraid, afraid, of what I’ll find 

Shadows, shadows, be gone away

You can’t, you can’t, come to play

I tell you, I tell you, not today

Try, try as you may

I tell you again, not today



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