Ink & Candlelight


So sorry to all those that have decided to follow me thus far. I guess I just haven’t realized how inactive I’ve been on here. I had a good spurt of creativity in the beginning of February that seemed to dry up long before I was ready for it to leave. Since then I suppose you can say that depression and inactivity has been getting the best of me. Once again… I love writing, but there are just times when I eludes me.

So, last night I decided to try and put a stop to all this and try finding some inspiration in a round about way. I’ve mused before and still conclude that amazing as the internet/computer/technology is… really in the end, it’s nothing but a distraction. Going the way of simplicity, I turned off all the lights last night, lit a few candles and brought out the dip pen. Let’s just say that not only was it soothing, basking in the warm glow of the candlelight, but it seemed to serve the purpose well. I was able to effectively block out pretty much everything around me, save for the rain lashing against the window, the rumbles of thunder and the ticking clock. All in all, I wrote three pages – one of edit for the first book and two of a chapter I’m working on for the second as well as a poem. The poem I shall add here.

Overall, I really do think it’s time to get off me arse and finally get around to getting things done. Yes, I’ve had some hard times this past year, but dwelling on it is going to get nothing done and it certainly won’t bring me any closer to publishing my first novel. So, here’s to better times ahead.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~


Ink wets the page
Fire threatens to burn

Water and Fire

Polar opposites coming together
Chasing away the shadows

Such differences
Beheld side by side

Comparisons that have no place

Fire, leaving the room
Cast in orange hues
It’s edges softened by the warmth

Ink, bearing stark contrast
Crisp, bold lines
Telling the story in black and white

Flames crying out soundlessly
As the quill scratches out methodical whispers

Harmonious duo
Breeding creativity
On the edge of night



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