Gosh dang.

I do believe that I’ve already mentioned once or twice just how terrible I’ve been with keeping this updated. As I writer I feel like I’m failing myself. But, I promise that I will try to get better at this as time goes on – this is, after all, my first blog – especially once my first novel comes out in print.

Which, by the way, though I haven’t said a ton about that as of late, I am still working on. There’s not much to be said on that front – save for the post about my printed test copy that I keep promising. If I could quit feeling like crud for a day, I might get something done. Save for that, I have actually found the time – and lost a good amount of the fear I had been harboring – to add a number of additional chapters to my second novel. A few more chapters to get me to a certain point in the storyline and I will fall back to the first novel and work on that edit and rewrite, hopefully until I have a final product, ready to introduce to the world.

Even with simple writing aside, there’s so much that I could be writing in here. I have a number of craft projects in the wings that I’m also trying to find the time for and can’t wait to not only begin but to see where they take me. Ren Fest is approaching again, and also a few other topics I would like to bridge.

However, the point of this post runs along the same lines as the last.

Despite having another day of pain wanting to bring me down, once again, it makes for some good writing. I was prompted to write another poem on the subject of pain, and though I very rarely think my poetry through – as I probably should – I think it’s quite good. My poetry generally just comes to me in a block of words and I put it to the page as it comes to me. Afterwords, I rarely edit. So, I guess you could call it raw poetry.

I posted this earlier over on my DeviantArt page and, for me, the response has been something I hadn’t expected. I don’t have a large following so I rarely get comments or likes on there, yet I continue to post. So far, I’ve had 9 separate groups on there request to put my poem in their gallery. My body may be hurting today, but right now, I’m honestly feeling quite special.

So, without further ado, and for your reading pleasure, here’s my most recent poem (Who knows, maybe someday, down the road, I might publish a book of poetry as well):



Pain, ebbs and flows
Like the calm, yet raging tides of the sea.
Its moods unknown.

Contrary to beliefs:
Time does not heal,
Nor does it lessen it’s pull.

The years only allow us to adjust
To ultimately decide how much of our lives
we will give over to its deep and enduring emptiness.

It fogs our minds,
and dulls our senses.
Brings us to our knees,
and interrupts our days.

Without warning.
No time to prepare.
Or to change our plans.
To adjust.

Yet, as fierce of an adversary as it may prove to be,
Only we can give it the true power to effect our lives.

For better, or for worse.
It is a part of us

The sooner we accept that,
The sooner we can walk the path to overcome.

The lures of darkness are hypnotic,
but not as much as the brightness that lingers just beyond its reach.


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