Death & Shadows

Why is it that the darkness is what most breeds creation? Of course there’s plenty of creativity in happiness, but it seems like when sorrow strikes is when we’re stripped to our core and where we really find that raw seed.

I learned that one of our friends passed away today, and it’s just things like these that make you realize how much of our lives we waste, telling ourselves that we will just do this, that, or whatever tomorrow. Days like today make you realize all the more that there may be no tomorrow.

This is going to be a short post because I’m honestly quite broken right now and don’t really know what to say or how to feel, but one thing I do know is that as the years slowly tick on the dedication in my book is getting longer… thinking of all those people that have supported me along the way that will never actually get the chance to read the finished product.

I’m still rather distraught, but in a way, as much as I’m hurting, this has given me a new spark. It likely won’t be tonight, as I’m finding it hard to focus, but this weekend, I’m definitely getting back to working on my book.

Speaking along the lines of my book, the Shadowlord – ferrier of death – has a creed that reads:

May light preserve you from darkness,
Set you free from pain.
Soul returns to sky,
Body to Earth.

Two constants in life
Though light prevails,
Death and Shadows await
At the end of the trail.

We will miss you, Stacy…

Death and Shadows, my friend… until we meet again.


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