Getting Closer and Closer

Good afternoon, all.

I’ve got some work ahead of me still, but I thought I would drop by here for a moment to post a short update. Yes, I will admit that this edit and rewrite is taking me a bit longer than I had hoped. As you can see, I didn’t reach my self-imposed deadline of getting the book printed by the end of July… though if I’m honest with myself, that was probably a bit unrealistic. My next goal may be as well, but there’s no harm in trying.

That being said, I am closer than ever! There are a few spots in select chapters that I still have to go back and fix, but I could honestly spend ages staring at that and not writing a word. So, in lieu of keeping this train moving I have made a note of where those are, and will return to them when I reach them again. I have finally gotten past the point of dramatic rewriting, and have just started the formatting process. Which means that the final product is getting closer.

When I did the formatting for the first draft copy I printed last year, I said I would never do that in a week again… yet, guess what I’m doing. I seem to work best under pressure unfortunately. Now, some may say that I should just take my time, and yes, I would love to, but the Michigan Renaissance Festival is fast approaching – in fact, I think it begins next weekend. I would like to do a short run of 50 or so copies to make sure that they are all okay before doing my large run of 500. So, time is ticking down. In reality, that isn’t much of a problem. I actually quite like the formatting process. What’s going to make it take a bit more time is that this is also my final read-through for grammatical errors.

Which means, it’s time to get back to work.

Overall, I’m excited! A bit more writing, my villain is getting an additional chapter or two, some formatting, and I’ll be done! The light at the end of this long, long tunnel is growing brighter as each day passes.

Soon, my followers, this longtime dream of mine will finally become reality 🙂

Until next time,

~ Kendrick


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