Congratulations, you’ve discovered the blog of Kendrick von Schiller: self-proclaimed author in the making and collector of strange things.

Nyte-Fyre Prophecy is a fantasy series of about seven to eight full length books that I’ve been working on since the age of fifteen. I finished the first draft of book one – tentatively titled Sparks & Shadows – in 2009 and have been hard at work polishing and rewriting, making it as ready for publishing as possible. I’m hoping to have it self-published or at least out as an e-book by the end of the year. So, come and follow the journey of a writer working her way through the stresses and excitement of the journey to becoming an author.

Most posts on here will likely have to do with my book, but there will be other topics as well.

Just know that I am in no way your normal girl. I have a keen interest in the morbid and strange. So be on the look out for fantasy, swords, archery, writing, art, Halloween, and whatever else may catch my fancy.


You can find the official Nyte-Fyre Prophecy book page here:



And my DeviantArt page for those interested in my artwork (most of which is related to Nyte-Fyre in one way or another).:


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