Giveaway Time!

Hey all, I know I’ve been lax on posting again. However, I’ve been super sick the last week – probably battling a low-level pneumonia. Fun, right? Not really.

Despite that, I’ve slowly been getting some writing done – working mainly on some character back stories, trying to get a few things figured out to make the writing of the actual novels easier. Not to mention, I’ve had some characters reveal some interesting new information to me (after having them in my head for 10 years!) Anyone else’s characters continue to surprise them like that?

I’ve also started to work on drawing again and working on some different character sketches and improving my artwork in general.

But, what I wanted to post real quick:

I am running another giveaway over on Goodreads for my first novel, “Sparks & Shadows”.

This time I’m giving away 2 copies total, and these are from among my misprints that I posted about awhile ago. I’ve since gotten everything figured out and printing of the novel is running smoothly again. I actually like to think that that little fiasco was a nice opportunity as I now have 25 books that I can sell for wholesale price, and use for giveaways and promos. I have ‘fixed’ the title pages of these copies with a large sticker I created that now features a little bit of sketchy line work of the main characters, Kiyani and Fura. So, really, these might actually end up being collectors copies in the future. Who knows?

Anyway, giveaway runs from February 25-March 3!


Good luck for all that enter!


~ Kendrick