Giveaway Time!

Hey all, I know I’ve been lax on posting again. However, I’ve been super sick the last week – probably battling a low-level pneumonia. Fun, right? Not really.

Despite that, I’ve slowly been getting some writing done – working mainly on some character back stories, trying to get a few things figured out to make the writing of the actual novels easier. Not to mention, I’ve had some characters reveal some interesting new information to me (after having them in my head for 10 years!) Anyone else’s characters continue to surprise them like that?

I’ve also started to work on drawing again and working on some different character sketches and improving my artwork in general.

But, what I wanted to post real quick:

I am running another giveaway over on Goodreads for my first novel, “Sparks & Shadows”.

This time I’m giving away 2 copies total, and these are from among my misprints that I posted about awhile ago. I’ve since gotten everything figured out and printing of the novel is running smoothly again. I actually like to think that that little fiasco was a nice opportunity as I now have 25 books that I can sell for wholesale price, and use for giveaways and promos. I have ‘fixed’ the title pages of these copies with a large sticker I created that now features a little bit of sketchy line work of the main characters, Kiyani and Fura. So, really, these might actually end up being collectors copies in the future. Who knows?

Anyway, giveaway runs from February 25-March 3!


Good luck for all that enter!


~ Kendrick


Time is Running out for a Free Book!


Yup, that’s right! You’re running out of time to win one of three *signed* copies of Sparks and Shadows!

There are currently only 4 days left to sign up for your chance to win over on Goodreads. I can’t believe that the giveaway is almost coming to a close already. Seriously, where does the time go?

I think that so far, it’s been a relative success. It would be nice to have higher numbers, but as a new and completely unknown author, it’s nice to have any response. So far, I’ve had 173 people sign up, and 76 of those add it to their to be read lists on the site. I won’t complain about that. Each one of those people is a potential fan in the making. Do I wish the numbers were higher? Of course? As artists, we all want our artwork out there, gaining the recognition that we so feel it deserves, but it does take time. Especially when you don’t have the backing of a big name publisher to market. And honestly, as I shy, introverted person, I know that marketing is going to be my biggest challenge. I’m not a huge fan of talking to people I don’t know – though far more in person than online – and I always feel like I’m bothering people when I talk about my book. But, I guess that’s just something that I’ll have to get over.

The good news for you reader is that with only 100 or so people signed up for the giveaway, you have a better chance of winning!

Speaking of winning – I got an email the other day from Goodreads declaring that I won a copy of Red Rising by Pierce Brown. So, I’m excited to receive that in the mail in the coming weeks. I’ve been a member of Goodreads since 2010 and this is only the second time I’ve won, but just like anything else, if you don’t give it a try – in other words, sign up – then you have no chance at all.

And, back to things taking time to build, I was in the bookstore the other day and decided to look at the detail page of the first Game of Thrones novel. I had  no idea that that was first published back in 1996. So, that just goes to show you how long things can take. I don’t know when exactly the series began to grow in popularity, but really it’s only been the last 5 or so years.

I believe that’s all for today… I’ve still got a number of things to do before NaNoWriMo begins in four days. One of those is that I will try to get up a blog post focusing more on NaNoWriMo in the next few days.

So, once again, here’s the link for the giveaway: