Free Reading – Update

Hi all,

I’ll admit, I’m behind on where I want to be with my blogging, but my own personal journaling for my writing comes first and I’m not finished with that yet.

However, I just wanted to say that Chapters 1-5 of my first fantasy novel “Sparks and Shadows” are now up on Wattpad to read for free. The first five chapters are all that I intended to put on there, as my novel is published.

I thought that it would be a good way to give potential readers a taste of the writing style and the story to see if it was for them. I may or may not add another couple chapters, but for now, this is it. I think that it’s enough for people to decide if they want to continue the story.

On that note, playing with the sight and trying to figure out how it works, I did discover that you have to have a Wattpad account to read any works on there. Wattpad is free to sign up for, and you can do it quickly through Facebook, even. Yet, if you don’t care to go through the hassle, I do also plan to upload those same five chapters for free reading on both DeviantArt and on here. I’ll be creating a tab specifically for the novel here soon.

For now, here’s the link to the Wattpad version:


~ Kendrick

Free Reading

Hello all,

Kendrick here.

If you took notice of my last blog post regarding the aftermath of NaNoWriMo, that was indeed part one of a much longer musing. I have yet to upload part two, but hopefully that will be soon.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season.

As for me, I just wanted to let you all know that I have recently signed up on the Wattpad site and am in the process of uploading a few chapters of my first novel.

Currently, the prologue, and chapters 1 and 2 are up for your reading pleasure. I will eventually have the first 5 chapters up on their to read for free.

Of course, Sparks and Shadows is a published work and I’m not going to have the entire book up on their to read for free, but I wanted to give current followers, as well as potential fans of the series the chance to read a little bit of it without the obligation of buying. By doing this, I’m giving everyone the opportunity to browse through the first few chapters to see if you like the writing style and if the story catches your attention. Much like being able to pick up a copy in your local bookstore and browse.

I’ll leave the link below, and see if it’s possible to add a tab or button on the side bar to take you to the site.

Depending on what I write in the future, I’ll probably use this platform to upload the first few chapters of the second novel at some point, as well as some short stories (possibly Nyte-Fyre related, possibly not), and if I ever have any other ideas for stories. I’m a writer… who knows what might end up on there.

Overall, though I have the first three chapters available for reading on my Facebook page, this site just provides a nicer looking aesthetic for reading. And makes it easier to keep it all in one, easy to navigate place.